2024-04-19 更新

Unified Physical-Digital Attack Detection Challenge

Authors:Haocheng Yuan, Ajian Liu, Junze Zheng, Jun Wan, Jiankang Deng, Sergio Escalera, Hugo Jair Escalante, Isabelle Guyon, Zhen Lei

Face Anti-Spoofing (FAS) is crucial to safeguard Face Recognition (FR) Systems. In real-world scenarios, FRs are confronted with both physical and digital attacks. However, existing algorithms often address only one type of attack at a time, which poses significant limitations in real-world scenarios where FR systems face hybrid physical-digital threats. To facilitate the research of Unified Attack Detection (UAD) algorithms, a large-scale UniAttackData dataset has been collected. UniAttackData is the largest public dataset for Unified Attack Detection, with a total of 28,706 videos, where each unique identity encompasses all advanced attack types. Based on this dataset, we organized a Unified Physical-Digital Face Attack Detection Challenge to boost the research in Unified Attack Detections. It attracted 136 teams for the development phase, with 13 qualifying for the final round. The results re-verified by the organizing team were used for the final ranking. This paper comprehensively reviews the challenge, detailing the dataset introduction, protocol definition, evaluation criteria, and a summary of published results. Finally, we focus on the detailed analysis of the highest-performing algorithms and offer potential directions for unified physical-digital attack detection inspired by this competition. Challenge Website:
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