2023-01-04 更新

Supervised Acoustic Embeddings And Their Transferability Across Languages

Authors:Sreepratha Ram, Hanan Aldarmaki

In speech recognition, it is essential to model the phonetic content of the input signal while discarding irrelevant factors such as speaker variations and noise, which is challenging in low-resource settings. Self-supervised pre-training has been proposed as a way to improve both supervised and unsupervised speech recognition, including frame-level feature representations and Acoustic Word Embeddings (AWE) for variable-length segments. However, self-supervised models alone cannot learn perfect separation of the linguistic content as they are trained to optimize indirect objectives. In this work, we experiment with different pre-trained self-supervised features as input to AWE models and show that they work best within a supervised framework. Models trained on English can be transferred to other languages with no adaptation and outperform self-supervised models trained solely on the target languages.
PDF Presented at ICNLSP 2022


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