Diffusion Models

2022-12-08 更新

SDM: Spatial Diffusion Model for Large Hole Image Inpainting

Authors:Wenbo Li, Xin Yu, Kun Zhou, Yibing Song, Zhe Lin, Jiaya Jia

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) have made great success in image inpainting yet still have difficulties tackling large missing regions. In contrast, iterative algorithms, such as autoregressive and denoising diffusion models, have to be deployed with massive computing resources for decent effect. To overcome the respective limitations, we present a novel spatial diffusion model (SDM) that uses a few iterations to gradually deliver informative pixels to the entire image, largely enhancing the inference efficiency. Also, thanks to the proposed decoupled probabilistic modeling and spatial diffusion scheme, our method achieves high-quality large-hole completion. On multiple benchmarks, we achieve new state-of-the-art performance. Code is released at https://github.com/fenglinglwb/SDM.
PDF 18 pages, 14 figures


Diffusion Video Autoencoders: Toward Temporally Consistent Face Video Editing via Disentangled Video Encoding

Authors:Gyeongman Kim, Hajin Shim, Hyunsu Kim, Yunjey Choi, Junho Kim, Eunho Yang

Inspired by the impressive performance of recent face image editing methods, several studies have been naturally proposed to extend these methods to the face video editing task. One of the main challenges here is temporal consistency among edited frames, which is still unresolved. To this end, we propose a novel face video editing framework based on diffusion autoencoders that can successfully extract the decomposed features - for the first time as a face video editing model - of identity and motion from a given video. This modeling allows us to edit the video by simply manipulating the temporally invariant feature to the desired direction for the consistency. Another unique strength of our model is that, since our model is based on diffusion models, it can satisfy both reconstruction and edit capabilities at the same time, and is robust to corner cases in wild face videos (e.g. occluded faces) unlike the existing GAN-based methods.
PDF The code will be available soon


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