2022-09-26 更新

Active Few-Shot Classification: a New Paradigm for Data-Scarce Learning Settings

Authors:Aymane Abdali, Vincent Gripon, Lucas Drumetz, Bartosz Boguslawski

We consider a novel formulation of the problem of Active Few-Shot Classification (AFSC) where the objective is to classify a small, initially unlabeled, dataset given a very restrained labeling budget. This problem can be seen as a rival paradigm to classical Transductive Few-Shot Classification (TFSC), as both these approaches are applicable in similar conditions. We first propose a methodology that combines statistical inference, and an original two-tier active learning strategy that fits well into this framework. We then adapt several standard vision benchmarks from the field of TFSC. Our experiments show the potential benefits of AFSC can be substantial, with gains in average weighted accuracy of up to 10% compared to state-of-the-art TFSC methods for the same labeling budget. We believe this new paradigm could lead to new developments and standards in data-scarce learning settings.


MetaPrompting: Learning to Learn Better Prompts

Authors:Yutai Hou, Hongyuan Dong, Xinghao Wang, Bohan Li, Wanxiang Che

Prompting method is regarded as one of the crucial progress for few-shot nature language processing. Recent research on prompting moves from discrete tokens based hard prompts'' to continuoussoft prompts’’, which employ learnable vectors as pseudo prompt tokens and achieve better performance. Though showing promising prospects, these soft-prompting methods are observed to rely heavily on good initialization to take effect. Unfortunately, obtaining a perfect initialization for soft prompts requires understanding of inner language models working and elaborate design, which is no easy task and has to restart from scratch for each new task. To remedy this, we propose a generalized soft prompting method called MetaPrompting, which adopts the well-recognized model-agnostic meta-learning algorithm to automatically find better prompt initialization that facilitates fast adaptation to new prompting tasks.Extensive experiments show MetaPrompting tackles soft prompt initialization problem and brings significant improvement on four different datasets (over 6 points improvement in accuracy for 1-shot setting), achieving new state-of-the-art performance.


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